Antti Orasvuo, an experienced professional in the game industry, joined the Cyber Citizen initiative in the beginning of 2023. His role is to lead the game development side of the initiative. The goal is to create a game, or perhaps even a game world, as part of the learning portal. For Antti, it is clear that first and foremost, a game needs to be a game.

– I have been in lots of different projects in the game industry, from cloud gaming to the launch of a mobile store. Learning games are an interesting new challenge. A game should always be entertaining and appropriately challenging, even when the goal is to make it useful.

At his disposal Antti has the results of the research carried out in the first phase and especially the analysis of games that promote cybersecurity.

– Now I need to absorb information and understanding about cybersecurity. With the support of other content that is created, it will then grow into ideas about developing knowledge, skills, and attitudes with gamification. This is the best part of game development, when you can freely throw ideas around. When the chosen ideas are turned into a game, that’s more like work, Antti grins.

Would you like to discuss the development of learning games?

Antti Orasvuo 
Project Lead, Cybersecurity Game
Cyber Citizen Initiative
[email protected]